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“Need someone by your side while you plan your online event?

We can help plan your online event WITH you!!
Online Events Hub is an online program that will take you through the exact steps I take when planning an online event to make it professional, engaging and that delivers seamlessly so that YOU CAN do the same...!
  • Have you ever organised an event, but it's not really your "thing", and you would have done anything to have support around you?
  • ​Are you really lost on all the platform options available?
  • ​Do you feel like you are going to lose engagement from your audience during an online event?
  • ​Could you potentially struggle to retain or gain new sponsors in an online event option?
  • ​Is the idea of re-creating the opportunity for people to network seem impossible online?
  • Is worrying about your professional image and reputation holding you back from connecting online?
  •  All of this will be covered and much much more!! 
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Want to know what we 
will walk through WITH you in the  
'Online Events Hub'?

What support will you get?
  •  Online Educational Program (continuing to evolve) 
  •  Training videos 
  •  Practical examples and 'how to' video tutorials 
  •  Event Blueprints  
  •  Event Templates (Word and Excel)  
  •  Helpful Links, resources and recommendations  
  •  Live Webinars for Q&A 
  •  Email Support  
  •  BONUS Closed Facebook Support Group Access  
  •  MEGA BONUS One on One Session for the first 20 registrants ONLY in the pre launch intake!
We HATE spam and promise to not share your email address without your permission. Want more, check our Privacy Policy.
Don't go it alone!!
Too many not-for-profits and small business owners embark on this journey alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies and platforms to build their online events on their own. 

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up becoming frustrated and overwhelmed. This is already a stressful time. 

After seeing this happen to too many people, Alison and the team at Admire Events decided to create an intensive done-with-you, fast-tracked 'doing' experience... 

All to give you the most supportive and collaborative program for your online event. 

Let's use our energy to remain connected. 
As the Director and lead Event Manager at Admire Events, Alison Jack, strives to produce events that people will Admire. Alison has a broad events background and her experience spans corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Having worked both in and for not-for-profit organisations Alison has found her passion lies with assisting to develop and manage events that are budget conscious and often revenue driven. 

This is coming in handy, now more than ever. 
Do you want to hear more about having an Event Manager, by your side as you plan your online event?
Want more info on the 'Online Events Hub'?
“Admire Events provides an effective, efficient, organised, creative, fast and friendly service. By employing their working methods and advice your event and marketing management needs become smooth running and stress-free”

Sarah-Jo Lobwein
Founder, Ocean Tidings
"Like many Charities we do not have the money to engage a Conference planner, however Admire Events system of working with groups has been nothing but positive.
Quickly Alison had us on track and helped us become much more professional in our planning and management of our up coming conference.There is no doubt the energy, planning and professionalism Alison has poured into each step, is assisting us in meeting our conference objectives and will mean we will be able to provide an exceptional conference at a price we can afford. "

Nola Young
Chair, Lipoedema Australia
“I can thoroughly recommend Alison Jack. I have found her an
amazing young lady, very professional, experienced, very organised,
lovely manner.”

Dorothy (Dot) L Hennessy, OAM PHF Sapphire
Chair, Rotary Districts of NSW and ACT Emergency Services Community Awards
Are you ready to make this your best online event yet?

If you register for this program, here is my COVID-19 promise to you:

If you go through the program, watch all of the videos and complete all of the worksheets but still you don't feel like the program is a worthwhile use of your time and money, you can email us, turn in your completed documents and request a full refund which we will give you. 

No hard feelings, no questions asked. 

I am that confident that the 'Online Events Hub' program will likely change your online event, and at this point possibly your life, forever. 


“We want to help you produce events that people will Admire!”
Who is Admire Events?
Admire Events is an award winning event management company that has proudly built its foundations on the philosophy of "regard with respect", the dictionary definition of Admire. 

That is how we feel our clients, suppliers and colleagues should be treated in producing any event. 

Admire Events was founded in November 2014 with a focus on ensuring that the company was set up to make it possible to work from anywhere with an internet connection; Admire Events has the versatility of working with anyone anywhere in the world through powerful cloud based systems, virtual meetings, file sharing and project planning tools.
Your Questions Answered
What stage of planning an online event do I need to be for this program?
The program can be of value in any stage of the planning process because it's equally about the support you are getting access to. The program will step you through the phases of planning an online event. If you are past some of the initial stages we recommend that you complete the program from the beginning, it might give you a few new ideas that you might like to change on your current plans. The program learnings build on themselves so starting at the beginning is the way to make the most of this journey. 
What if I don't have an online event yet but only an online event idea?
Perfect!!! This is actually truly the perfect place to be for a program like this to give you the most benefit. The program will step you through the entire planning process and give you access to all the tools and templates that you can use. It means that you can step through all of this to validate your idea and be prepared for the best and worst case scenarios for your online event if you do go ahead and nail the delivery. It's a small investment to make to ensure that your online event is successful in the future. 
What equipment or software will I need to complete the program?
If you've been able to view this website with ease then you most likely have the internet which is really one of the key items. The program is hosted online in a portal that you will sign up to access. The portal will have videos to watch so you will need a reasonable internet connection. The download documents will be in word, excel, PDF and PowerPoint. We make recommendations to other online platforms at times throughout the program. So in essence a computer, reasonable internet, Adobe Reader, Office programs (word, excel, PowerPoint), pen, paper and a positive attitude. 
After registering for this program are there additional costs?
We provide many of the templates in forms that you can take away and run with. In the program we do also recommend online programs/platforms. We understand that budgets are tight so we have provided a free option for every recommendation. We do suggest paid options as well but they are only enhanced options, not a necessity to get your first online event up and running. 
How long will I have access to the course?
The fees will cover six months access to the course. You can either pay this as one lump sum up front payment which will see you paying for only five months. (Getting the sixth month for free!) Otherwise if it's better for your cashflow, you can pay in monthly installments for a period of six months. Your access to the Closed Facebook Support Group would be available for the same timeframe as you are a member of the course. 
When will the course open?
The course will open on Monday 18 May 2020 however you'll have access for the entire six months. All of the core content will be available all in one hit so that you can act quickly on the content. We are committed to constantly improving and expanding our content across all of our services and products. You'll be notified if we add additional content to the course after you've purchased and gained access. 
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